Video Poker Tips: What You Need to Know

Winning Video poker can be one of the best games in the casino for a gambler to play. This is why we provide you with our Video Poker Tips.  Many are surprised when they first hear this but it is in fact true. There are video poker machines that can be played so that the player has an advantage over the casino. There aren’t many of those types of machines and they require perfect play to get the maximum payback but it is possible.  Find out here your Video Poker Tips

As a video poker player you need to be able to distinguish between a good machine and a bad machine. This is one of the advantages of video (VP) machines over slot machines. You can simply look at the pay table of a VP machine and be able to determine the payback percentage. Whereas, slot machines there is no way to figure it out what the percentage is.

The “granddaddy” of all VP machines is known as Jacks or Better. This is the best game for beginners start playing and learning on. The first Video Poker Tips if you play regular table poker is to throw all of those strategies out. Other than the hand ranks, video poker is very different from regular poker and it requires an entirely different strategy.

To find the best Jacks or Better machines you need to focus on two of the payouts. The payout for a full house and for a flush will tell you whether or not you’re on a good machine. Look all the way to the left column under one credit bet and see what it pays for each of those. A “full-pay” machines is a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine. That means in that column under one coin bet for a full house you will see a 9 and next to a flush you will see a 6, so for each coin bet you will receive 9 coins bet for a full house and 6 for a flush. However, make sure you ALWAYS bet the maximum number of coins which is usually 5 because there is a bonus for a royal flush hit with max coins played. In reality you will be receiving 45 credits for a full house (9×5) when you play and 30 credits for a flush (6×5).

Winning Video Poker Tips

Winning Video Poker Tips

For every number the payout drops from 9/6, the payback percentage drops as well. You will see 8/5 games all the way down to 6/5 games. Have a look at the pay tables available at online games sites like and determine which machine has the highest Jacks or Better payback.  This is it, the best Video Poker Tips, short and easy to make happen.  Good luck!

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