Video Poker Tips: What You Need to Know

Winning Video poker can be one of the best games in the casino for a gambler to play. This is why we provide you with our Video Poker Tips.  Many are surprised when they first hear this but it is in fact true. There are video poker machines that can be played so that the player has an advantage over the casino. There aren’t many of those types of machines and they require perfect play to get the maximum payback but it is possible.  Find out here your Video Poker Tips

As a video poker player you need to be able to distinguish between a good machine and a bad machine. This is one of the advantages of video (VP) machines over slot machines. You can simply look at the pay table of a VP machine and be able to determine the payback percentage. Whereas, slot machines there is no way to figure it out what the percentage is.

The “granddaddy” of all VP machines is known as Jacks or Better. This is the best game for beginners start playing and learning on. The first Video Poker Tips if you play regular table poker is to throw all of those strategies out. Other than the hand ranks, video poker is very different from regular poker and it requires an entirely different strategy.

To find the best Jacks or Better machines you need to focus on two of the payouts. The payout for a full house and for a flush will tell you whether or not you’re on a good machine. Look all the way to the left column under one credit bet and see what it pays for each of those. A “full-pay” machines is a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine. That means in that column under one coin bet for a full house you will see a 9 and next to a flush you will see a 6, so for each coin bet you will receive 9 coins bet for a full house and 6 for a flush. However, make sure you ALWAYS bet the maximum number of coins which is usually 5 because there is a bonus for a royal flush hit with max coins played. In reality you will be receiving 45 credits for a full house (9×5) when you play and 30 credits for a flush (6×5).

Winning Video Poker Tips

Winning Video Poker Tips

For every number the payout drops from 9/6, the payback percentage drops as well. You will see 8/5 games all the way down to 6/5 games. Have a look at the pay tables available at online games sites like and determine which machine has the highest Jacks or Better payback.  This is it, the best Video Poker Tips, short and easy to make happen.  Good luck!

The 2010 World Series of Poker: A Tournament of the Champions

The game of Poker has turned out to be one of the most finest games in the whole world, hence deserving to be an all-star event with a view to define the best player in business. The World Series of Poker, in short the WSOP has established this very tournament with every aim of granting access to one million dollars to the winners of the 2010 WOSP Tournament of the Champions; to be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel. At one of the press conferences, the HIE Vice President Ty Stewart uttered his contentment of their capability of making a revamped game of poker which could eventually add in millions of fans all around the globe. He, in addition to the fans and the players worldwide, hope and pray that this very exciting tournament exists there for good.

A mere 27 participants are going to pay in the free roll poker invitational, and of them 7 are going to get dropped right after the public makes their voting to their favorites. The Voting opened on March 15, 2010 and it’s going to continue till 15th June.2010 at midnight to be precise. In order to qualify, every single player needs to be a holder of WSOP bracelet. Any of the living bracelet-holder who is eligible, and presently there are in total 521 players with the needed eligibility.

With the three positions already guaranteed owing to the previous WSOP TOC winners get the automatic pass, the current WSOP champions for both the America and the Europe gets to seat at the table, too. That signifies that this very year the appearances of the Poker maestro’s the Joe Cada,Mike Sexton, Mike Matusow, Annie Duke Barry and Shulman, makes 5 out of the total 27 players for this particular event.

The event is a grand one and every Poker fan alongside the organizers is hoping that they can popularize this tournament to the extreme level and attain success never seen before. The excitement and the suspense that this very game has in store are certainly going to help their cause.

The Basics of Video Poker

Poker has experienced a steady increase in its sheer popularity. So we thought we would talk about Video Poker basics.  Almost everywhere people tend to play Poker starting from the the brick and mortar poker clubs and even the online casinos. With the growing popularity, many of developers have made variations and innovations of this game.  So now you can play Video Poker.  Read on to get an understanding of Video Poker Basics.

Video Poker Basics

To start with let me make you clear that the Video poker is way different from the standard poker. It is to be noted that whenever we refer to the standard poker, it usually means the most popular poker games offered on the market at present, the Texas Hold’em. The latter one is one of the most popular casino games which make use of the 5-card draw. The video poker is certainly played at the table but the interface is playable on the web or in the computerized console which a pretty similar to the slot machines.

Video poker was first introduced to the common mass during the 1970s. As it dates back four decades ago, you can think that the machine utilized at that point of time was instead primitive as compared to the machines produced of late. One decade later, in the year 1980, the video poker gained in more popularity in the casinos owing to the fact that people started feeling more comfortable playing those. One more reason behind the popularity was the less menacing nature as compared with the table games. Here I present to you the tutorial showing you the techniques of playing the game of video poker:

1. You require putting a bet of one or more credits just by inserting money right into the video poker apparatus. A lot of the casinos make use of the bar coded paper tickets in replacement of the cash. You then require hitting the ‘deal’ button in order to begin drawing the cards in. You will then be provided with a couple of seconds in deciding whether you wish keeping your card or leave one or more. If you take the decision of discarding your cards, then you will be drawn with the new card straight from the exact virtual deck. After you finish drawing the cards, the machine makes evaluation of all the cards and provides the payout to the hand which matches with the winning hands.

2. You do not require worrying about being cheated as all of these machines are programmed in such a manner to draw cards at almost random manner. No specific order. Therefore, it’s simply random as the real stuff.

And that’s Video Poker Basics.  It’s easy to play.  Playing well may take a bit more practice!

The Basics of Playing the 7-Card Stud Poker

One of the very popular and ancient forms of the game of poker still renowned is the 7-card stud. It allures a good number of following in both the casinos and the Friday night home based poker festivities. Depending on the region you are playing, the rules of the stud might vary a little bit, but all of them are then going to have the rules of the highest of having seven players each table due to the fact that each deck consists of only 52 cards, also the dealer is permitted to burn four while the game goes on. There are comparatively lesser number of rounds for the purpose of betting hence it is not an unusual thing to identify the house rules to include the ante or pre-flop needed bet to draw out more and more hand participation and thereby adding more complexity to the game.

Players not acquainted with the stud poker should certainly not charge straight away as its strategy varies from one game to the other, more so the ever so popular game of holdems. It would be far better option for the uninitiated to look into things more closely as a lot of the stud games as pay pretty close attention to adhere these rules, strategies and the betting methods right before plunging in. This cautious study can aid a great deal in enhancing ones strategies before playing.

Here I present to you some of the 7-card stud strategies that you can follow in order to succeed in this field:

There is predominantly a compulsive ante which marks the beginning of the most stud games and it is never an unusual thing for a number of games to make demands that the player having least scoring visible hand will have to “bring in” .The game goes on with every single player being treated 3 cards, 2 up and then it is needed to bet first on the part of the bring in hand holder. On a tie situation, the suit plays the role of the tiebreaker. At this very point of the game, the player is having the needed right to make his bet, fold or even rise to the level of house limits.

These are the things that you need to concentrate being a newbie in this field.